(Original Post: July 08, 2014)

This is Janine. Not only is she gorgeous on the outside, but has such a beautiful soul on the inside!

She had been hoping and praying that her Grandfather (whom she was very close to) would stay around long enough to watch her graduate. Unfortunately that did not come to fruition. Her Grandfather passed away a couple of months before she was set to finish high school.

So to honour him and his memory, she decided to do a Grad Photo Session on his land where she spent many a summer growing up. Her dream was to get a photo of her in her grad dress with him, so in a way, that's what she got.

It was such an emotional experience for all of us (pregnancy hormones didn't help me at all...), and I am so grateful to both her and her lovely Mother for allowing me to be a part of it.

Hope you enjoy Janine!

I know your Grandpa is smiling down on you and is pleased with the amazing woman you have become.