Over the past eight years of being a professional photographer, I have been blessed to be in this perfect niche of busyness that has allowed me to be a full time Mama bear and do what I LOVE! However, over the last year I have become overwhelmed! With the amount of growth my business was experiencing, I had hit a ceiling in my capability to do all that was required and I knew I needed help! Desperately!

When I went to do my collaborative shoot last fall, I did a call for volunteers to help out and Jenn was one of the ones who answered. This incredible person just had such a magnetic spirit that couldn’t be ignored and so we became fast friends. As we talked, we both realized that we had frustrations that were mutually connected. I was frustrated trying to find someone to help me but lacked the funds necessary, and she was frustrated because she couldn’t find a photographer willing to teach her!...

That’s when it clicked! So long story short she is now a member of the KT Photography team as our FABULOUS Administrative Assistant and Photography Padawan :)!

Here you go my lovelies! Get to know and love her as much as we do!


1. So what’s your name, and where are you from?

My name is Jennifer Lemke, and I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. 


2.What is your vocational background? 

I went to NAIT for 2 years and graduated with a Personal Fitness Trainer diploma. At 19 years of age I built a brand and started my own private personal training business. I am a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist and have completed various health/fitness related courses. I hope to take my business a step further and specialize in Type 1, 2 and Pre Diabetic clientele within the coming year. 


3.When did you start growing an interest in photography and when did you start doing photography? 

I started actually learning and investing time in photography in May 2015. However, photography is something I have always admired in the people/companies I knew around me that learnt their craft well. Photography had always been on the "someday" list as to something I would get good at when the time presented itself (don't we all say that and it never happens). Well for me, the time DID present itself. When I bought my first camera I could feel a season of change approaching- a season in which I would have a lot of opportunities…and free time better spent distracted! Photography always had a way of stilling my mind or allowing me to be more present in the moment.


4.How did you hear about KT Photography?

I saw a random ad posted by KT Photography requesting volunteers back in September for an October "Wedding" shoot. As I had just started photography that past May, and had been trying FOR MONTHS to find a professional photographer to shadow with no luck, I jumped at the opportunity! The fact that I would get the chance to volunteer at a shoot where I could observe both a photographer and in a shoot setting was entirely endearing as it was just what I needed. I needed to see what this whole “photography” thing was all about!

5.What made you want to become part of the team?

Katie has a willingness to teach, to grow you, and to keep you accountable in a way I really do need. Her tenacious and bubbly spirit are the perfect combination to draw me in, while developing me personally and professionally. And she does a heck of a job at what she does - why wouldn't I want to be part of that?


6.If you could pick one trait to describe yourself what would it be?

Relentless. I do not stop. I do not give up. It is entirely annoying and enticing all at the same time. If I want something, I figure out a way to make it happen with both determination and confidence. 


7.What is one thing about yourself that you don’t share with a lot of people?

I am 100% anxious 100% of the time. Nothing ever feels like it is getting done fast enough or well enough. I don't want to miss the opportunity of "this life" that I've been given. I wouldn't say its a part of myself I ignore or suppress, but I would definitely suggest it is a part of myself I fuel from. If something makes me anxious, it usually has the capacity to grow me, and that to me is invaluable. 


8.If you could travel to anywhere in the world where would you go?

Scandinavia & Iceland.. oh wait.. I'm leaving for there in a week! Next after that would be Australia. 


9.Cats or Dogs?

Dogs...so cute I can't handle them most of the time. Cats are cute too but make me sneeze 10,000 times more than necessary. 


 10. If you could choose only one flavor of ice cream to eat for the rest of your life what would it be?

You're asking a foodie, diabetic and (somehow, haha) personal trainer a very serious question...Something chocolate, with lots of chocolate chunks and swirls and all the goodness you can imagine. Yes - that flavour. 


11. What is one thing you desperately want to try but you’re a little scared to?

I want to run a half marathon. Trained for one 2 years ago but never ended up doing it. I plan to in 2-5 years. Also hold a fitness retreat with special guests, in-house chef, workouts etc. 


12. What are you most excited about with this new experience with us?

I just want to learn, to grow, to prove to myself what I am capable of doing. Once I start, I can't stop!


SEE ISN'T SHE GREAT :)! We sure think so!

Jenn at our Bridal Shoot back in October 2015

Jenn at our Bridal Shoot back in October 2015