How did you get into photography?

I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was 13 years old. Even through a variety of vocational pursuits over the years, I’ve always been drawn to photography. I always loved how you could tell an entire emotional story with one image. So eight years ago, I became a professional photographer and I haven’t looked back since!


What can I expect for my investment?

The biggest thing you can expect from us is timeless and romantic custom created art. We believe in being there through the entire process to make sure you have pieces in your home that speak to you and your personality.


What types of sessions do you offer?

We offer Family, Portrait, Maternity, “At Home” Newborn Sessions, Couples, Grad, and Rock the Dress/Trash the Dress.


Where are you located?

I serve the Edmonton, Alberta area, but I am open to traveling so feel free to contact us about our rates.


How would you describe your style?

My style is a mix of dreamy and romantic with a little bit of silliness & artistic flair thrown in.


How far in advance should we book our session with you?

As soon as you know you want to have a session.  As with most businesses there are busy times and slow times.  I do my very best to accommodate my client's schedules but calling and booking as soon as possible is always suggested.


Do you retouch the photos?

OF COURSE!  Every photo is custom retouched to my standards. Standard processing is included in our Creative Fee.  Special requests like removing braces, extra slimming or head swaps may require additional time and fees.


Where do you get your prints, albums and products made?

I use all top of the line professional imaging labs and vendors for the products I sell.  All have been quality tested by me.  There is nothing that I offer my clients that I personally haven't ordered for myself.  


Do you offer digitals?

Yes we do have master digital negatives, but these usually are offered at a premium price due to the great value of the images themselves. Most of our collections are focused on heirlooms that can be passed down and enjoyed! That being said, all of our collections include low resolution watermarked copies of purchased art to share with friends and family online.


Why are digital negatives so expensive?

The cost of the digital negative includes much more than a few pixels on your computer screen.  It takes into account my expertise, use of professional equipment, and my creative eye.  You can then take that file and have it printed how you want and as many times as you want.  Because it doesn't include a piece of paper many people are confused as to why they would be so pricey.  It isn't the cost of the paper that makes portraits expensive.  It is the cost of everything that goes into it. 


Do you photograph weddings?

We offer Elopement bridal sessions, as well as our “Rock the Dress” Photo Sessions. These are a beautifully intimate and more relaxed way to capture your love. These popular sessions can happen on your wedding day or another day more convenient to you. Due to the sheer number of portrait sessions we take on during the year, we unfortunately no longer offer full day wedding packages. 


We are notoriously awkward in front of the camera. Do you help with that?

It is definitely a weird experience having someone following you around with a camera where all the attention is on you! However, we always try to make our clients feel as comfortable as possible whether it be giving direction if needed, or just making you laugh! This is also where the in home consultation comes in handy. It’s a lot harder to be awkward around someone you already know!


Will you take cheesy photos of us that are overly posed and fake looking?

No one likes cheesy photos, most of all us! We try to keep our sessions organic and relaxed, but sometimes we like to throw in a little vogue now and then just for fun!


Do you do online sneak peeks?

Our main goal is to create a personal experience that you will never forget which means that when you see your images for the first time, we want it to be a special one. Plus as an artist there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your client's first reaction to your work. That’s why we usually don’t share any images online of your session, until after the ordering appointment. This way you can experience them in person at your reveal and ordering appointment. Trust us, it’s worth the wait! 


I have friends overseas who I’d love to be able to share the photos with. Do you have an online shopping cart that they can buy from?

I usually shy away from online galleries now as they have been so easily abused in the past. However I do have other methods of making this possible which can definitely be discussed at your Initial Consultation.


I have kids, can they come to the Initial Consultation or the Ordering Appointment?

This all depends on the age of your children and how involved you want them to be in the process. We usually advise our clients, especially those with younger children, to book their ordering appointment when they can have a babysitter available or in the evening when the children have already gone to bed. This makes the process easier on you and allows you to relax, focus and enjoy your purchasing experience more fully! At the initial consultation we have clients come to us so that we we can get to know you away from your kids. Then at the wall art and wardrobe consultation in your home, we get to relax a bit more and meet them! Not going to lie it's one of my favorite parts of what I do!


I love your photos, but you are over our budget, can we ask for a discount?

Due to the sheer volume of bookings, we find we do not need to discount. If you ask for a discount, it becomes obvious to us that we are not a good match. We are interested in offering our clients with the best images, service and products, and that comes at a price. We take great pride in the experience, the results and the service that we consistently offer to all of our valued clients who make this dream a reality. 


We have quotes from other photographers whose pricing is cheaper. Why would this be?

It’s likely they will have less experience, lower quality equipment, or don’t plan on being in business for very long. There are a lot of amazing photographers out there, but for me I’m committed to this for the long haul and have priced my collections at a price that reflects my experience, service, quality and time spent.